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Themes - changing how it looks

Formula calculator comes with predefined themes that change how it looks, both in colours, font type and font size.

To change a theme, select a theme name under the View menu.

You can also define your own themes. The theme design tool is available in the Preferences panel that can be opened from Formula Calculator>Preferences menu.

To design a new theme, open the Preferences panel and press the Theme button. This displays the theme design tool. Select an existing theme and press the '+' button to create a copy of the theme that you can edit. Type in a name for your theme in the drop-down box and press the return (enter) key. Then change the values to get the look you want. When you close the Preferences panel, your theme will now appear with the list of themes under the View menu. The new theme is available each time you open formula calculatorr.

To delete a theme, select it in the Preferences panel and press the '-' button.

Note that you cannot edit or delete any of the default themes, but pressing the '+' button will create a new theme with the same colours and fonts.