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Opening and saving calculations

The Math input text associated with a calculation can be saved and opened again at another time. When a previously saved calculation is opened, formula calculator recalculates the results and displays graphs associated with plot statements. Information on saving arrays of data as text files or reading data arrays in text format can be found in the section on Importing and exporting data arrays

Saving a calculation: Select File>Save As... from the main menu. This displays the Save panel. Select the folder to save your workspaces, choose a name and press Save. Formula calculator saves all the calculations to a file with the extension .mth If your work has been saved previously and you want to save your current work to the same file, just select File>Save.

Note that formula calculator saves the angle units, whether degrees or radians. This is because this setting affects your calculations when you next reload them.

Opening a calculation: Select File>Open... from the main menu. This displays the Open panel. Select the file you wish to open (valid Formulator files have the .mth extension). Formula calculator reads the previously saved expressions and the Degrees/Radians setting, displays the text in the Math input text field and then performs the calculation.

Preserving calculations when Formulator starts: When you close formula calculator , you can set it to automatically save your expressions and to re-open them when it restarts. Go to Formula Calculator>Preferences... and select the General tab. Check the box 'Reload last calculation'. To turn off this feature, uncheck the box. Close the Preferences window to save the change.