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Lists and keypads

The lists of available functions and constants can be viewed by pressing the Functions or Constants buttons. These can be displayed in two different formats.


The default format is in the form of a drawer that slides out from the side of the window. The categories of functions and constants appear under different headings. Expand the headings to see the contents. Click on a function or constant name to see a description.

Constants you have defined can be deleted by clicking the 'x' in the popover, or the keep for next time check box can be unchecked and the constant will not be saved when Formula calculator closes.

Functions you have defined can be deleted by unchecking the keep for next time box and running Formula calculator again. Make sure the function does not appear in the math input text field. Alternatively just close the application.


Available functions shown as a list or as a keypad ...


An alternative way of viewing constants and functions is using the keypad option. This is activated through the View>Use calculator keys menu item.

When the Functions or Constants buttons are pressed, a calculator-like keypad appears with the functions or constants as keys. In addition there are two extra keys labelled Insert and Info.

If the Info button is active, the description popover appears when a function or constant key is pressed.

If the Insert button is active, the function or constant is inserted into the math text input field at the current cursor position.