Formula Calculator at a glance

Formula Calculator enables you to evaluate simple or complex arithmetic expressions with ease. Unlike the traditional "pocket calculator" application, Formula Calculator allows you to type your complete arithmetical expression, which it then evaluates. You view all the numbers and mathematical operations at once, making it easy to spot mistakes.d

Single line mode is ideal for performing simple operations between numbers and getting your answer quickly.

In multi-line mode you separate your complex mathematical expressions into simple components. You assign a name to the result of each evaluation, as you would when doing algebra. You can then use that name in subsequent mathematical expressions. As you type each line, formula calculator shows all the results. Drag the divider line down to increase the size of the results field and drag the bottom of the window to increase the size of the math input field.

Functions: Formula calculator has a large number of built-in functions as you would find on a scientific calculator as well as functions for numerical integration and differentiation. Formula Calculator allows complex numbers and will perform complex calculations. View the available functions and constants, by pressing the Functions or Constants buttons. Selecting a function or constant name shows a description of it. You can view these either as lists or as calculator keys. These are set using the option under the View menu.

Create your own functions, simply by typing them in. In single-line mode Formula Calculator recognises the new function and asks if you want to keep it. Then you can use the function whenever you like. In multi-line mode the function exists as long as it remains in the input text field. You can view your functions in the functions list - type a description of it there and choose whether or not to keep it for next time.

Constants: If you often use a particular number, Formula Calculator allows you to give it a name, type a description of it and save it for next time. Select Constants from the tool bar, navigate to User and select new. Formula Calculator has two inbuilt constants - pi and i (the square root of -1).

Save and reload your calculations: You can save your calculations from the File menu, as well as read them in again.

Preferences: You modify the behaviour and look of formula calculator from the Preferences panel found under Formula Calculator>Preferences in the main menu bar.

Themes: Formula Calculator has bulit-in themes to tailor its appearance. You can find these under the View menu in the main menu bar. You can also create your own themes using the tool in the Preferences panel.

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